We provide a premium ear wax and foreign object removal service via microsuction and give professional advice on the management of various ear conditions including:






Ear infection


Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD)


Hearing loss


Aeroplane ears


Balance disturbances


Swimmers and surfers ear  



Microsuction is the the safest and most effective method currently available. Microsuction involves the use a low grade medical suction device to remove wax and debris from the ear canal. This method significantly reduces the risks of a perforated (burst) ear drum. The procedure lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes. It can be done whilst seated in a high-backed chair or lying down on a treatment couch. The ear nurse will ask you questions before the treatment and will look inside your ear with a specialist head-loupe or microscope. You will be asked to remain still, it should not be painful but may be uncomfortable if the sensitive ear canal is touched.

The suction machine can be noisy and make a variety of strange whistling/sucking sounds, it might also feel slightly ticklish. You may experience a sudden urge to cough and your eyes may water; both are completely normal. Simply notify the Ear Nurse if you need to cough or need a break. In addition to the suction machine a range of other tools/equipment may be used.

We strongly advise against having your ears syringed, as this is no longer considered good practice. We also do not recommend using cotton buds/Q-tips as these can irritate the sensitive ear canal or perorate (burst) the ear drum, causing  permanent damage and or hearing loss. Cotton buds/Q-tips push the ear wax deeper inside the ear, which fully occludes (blocks) the ear canal.